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The Challenge

Middlesbrough Council was seeking a partner to assist in the design and delivery of it's refreshed Management Development Programme.


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The Solution


TDP was selected as a key partner for their Management Development Programme, we have designed, and are delivering, workshops to the leadership population of the council, some 450 leaders.  


These cover their values of Collaboration and Focus. There are two interventions for each value which follow our Generic, Specific, Personal processes. In the first instance participants complete online, generic learning material which prepares them for the interactive virtual session. In the virtual session, participants make the material and theory specific to them in their roles and teams in the Council.  


Finally, participants are signposted to a set of toolkits, activities, questionnaires, they can use with their teams to make changes to personal behaviours which will support the values and behaviour framework. The programmes we are delivering 


• Collaboration: Together we achieve more  

• Collaboration: A partner mindset  

• Focus: Gold standard goal setting  

• Focus: Keeping on track through times of change  


In addition to the MDP, we have designed and delivered a large-scale intervention to the entire Community Learning team to support an increase in motivation and engagement during a challenging time. The feedback for all our interventions with Middlesbrough so far has been hugely positive and consequently are in discussion with them to provide further large-scale events for the Culture team and have been asked to look at updating their First Line Manager programme offer. 

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