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The Challenge

In the summer of 2021, after a competitive process, we were accepted onto the Scottish Government’s Civtech Accelerator programme, CivTech 6.


CivTech is tackling challenges across the Public sector and drives innovation with successful businesses to solve these complex challenges. We responded to CivTech 6 Challenge 10 - How can we help trainers assess the skills and practice competence of learners, using remote and online services?

The main challenge was to develop the best way to deliver remote assessments, where the assessor and the learner are not in the same room but need to be able to properly assess skills that have a physical element (such as taking vital signs) as well as a knowledge base is vital.


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The Solution

We developed virtual reality learning and assessment simulations to allow people to train and learn.   We removed the barriers of distance and expensive costs by offering virtual reality training scenarios. These provide a completely immersive, engaging, evidence-based learning environment. 


Our fast-paced, repeatable, real-life scenarios can deliver consistently excellent, standardised training.   The focus is on decision-making, measuring and recording key medical information, team interaction, and patient engagement – with the ability for multiuser use, so the trainee and be with the trainer, regardless of their physical location. 

This is a  sector that employs huge numbers of people which must provide hands-on pedagogical learning experiences that develop practical skills. The UK Adult Social Care sector employs over 1.6 million people with around three-quarters in direct care roles. That’s larger than all of our four nations NHS services combined.

his challenge is not just unique to Scotland or the UK. Many countries face common challenges; staff retention, access to learning and remote and rural leaners.

In January 2022, we created Care Reality, as spin off company to take forward the development and implementation for a new VR learning platform for the Health and Social Care Sector.   This platform will utterly transform learning within Adult Social Care.  You can understand more by visiting;

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