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In 2018 TDP was chosen as the cultural transformation partner for the Government of Jersey (GoJ), to deliver the Team Jersey (TJ) Programme. The TJ Programme was a three-year Programme designed to help GoJ transform public services, by building on the positive aspects of the organisation, and develop a culture of teamwork, collaboration, learning and innovation.

The Challenge

There were many challenges and barriers that existed in the organisation. These were not unique to the GOJ. There was, however, a combination of circumstances and issues that would make the cultural change challenging. The scale and pace of change that the organisation was going through placed significant pressure on the organisation’s systems and its people.

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Our Approach


We commenced with discovery and diagnostic. The findings and insights gained from this work culminated in an independent report which was published in April 2019 by TDP.  Team Jersey Phase One report (


The second phase of the programme included a range of workstreams focused on delivering against the recommendations from the Phase One Report.


A Leadership Programme was designed and rolled out to assist all leaders and managers in developing the skills required to lead and create a positive workplace culture.

A Colleague Engagement Programme was designed to engage all 7,000 colleagues and develop their confidence and skills in contributing to creating a positive workplace culture.

We provided consultancy support focused on updating and modernising the core people systems of the GoJ.  This included supporting the internal HR/OD capability to sustain cultural change, the development of a People Strategy, developing a Jersey Employer Group and driving the change required across Departments.

The Final Analysis

The Team Jersey Cultural Change programme is complex involving several interrelated workstreams.  Evaluation data highlights that participants rate the programme highly. We continue to support the GoJ on their transformation journey.

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