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Westminster City Council (WCC) is the local authority for the City of Westminster in Greater London.  Over a period of 5 years, TDP were proud to partner with the Council to help address the challenges facing local government.

The Challenge

Financial constraints coupled with increasing demands and expectations meant that WCC needed to deliver services differently in order to thrive.  Ultimately WCC needed to evolve for its service users - residents, visitors and local businesses.


A programme of support was needed, starting with the senior team.  The key programme objective was to develop the leadership capability required to drive significant cultural change.

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Our Approach

A ‘People First’ Partnership - partnered with internal specialists to develop a bespoke programme called ‘Leading the Westminster Way’ for 120 senior leaders

Learning Academy – designed and established a unique ‘hub’ for all face-to-face activity in the heart of Westminster

Cultural Change   

Wider Cultural Impact – following the success of the initial programme, a further programme was designed called ‘Working the Westminster Way’ and delivered to all front line colleagues

Behavioural Change  – a sustainable and significant increase in colleague engagement scores was seen following the introduction of the programmes.   Consistent feedback was received from participants confirming increased confidence, engagement and decision making capability for the good of their communities and the Council

Lasting Legacy – leaders and nominated internal champions were provided with a range of tools and skills to lead the required cultural change and successfully continue the programme when we left

The Final Analysis

The overall programme was extremely well received. We delivered on our promises, but nevertheless were delighted to be invited to an internal ‘WCC Awards’ event, where we were recognised for our positive contribution to their cultural change journey.

In 2019 TDP jointly presented a case study with WCC Head of Organisational Development; “Transforming Leadership and Culture at Westminster City Council”, at the Public Sector Solutions Expo sharing our approach and the significant benefits the programme has had to the Council and the communities of Westminster.

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