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Digital Innovation - A New Reality

The future of work, changing social expectations and real-world challenges have accelerated our digital evolution.  ​


We have embraced the transition from e-learning to immersive learning. 


Our most recent digital development is the provision of XR (Extended Reality) including both VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) to provide truly immersive experiences.  To embrace the human elements of this evolution we use VR to transform, develop and enhance skills, attitudes and behaviours.  

How we are using Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Blended Learning


We have integrated VR into our existing face-to-face learning approach, sessions and toolkit. 


Instead of watching a video on a screen, we immerse participants within 360 virtual environments.  The interactive experience complements the story being told and allows for much deeper involvement.


This raises awareness, allows us to share unique content and for people to experience scenarios that enhance the learning experience.  

Facilitated collaboration within Spatial

We engage with your people in a shared 3D space in which everyone can interact, no matter where you are in the world.


Workshops, team meetings, conferences and sharing content as if you were in the same room.... truly endless opportunities to collaborate.


We can provide clean and safe VR headsets if you do not have access to the technology. All supported by masterclasses and inductions to get you started.

Bespoke VR Learning Experiences


In addition to our facilitated practice, we have the ability, with our select partners, to design and develop bespoke VR programmes specific to your needs. 


This could include bespoke induction training or scenario-based experiences for customer-facing employees.  

We combine VR programmes with face-to-face learning, microlearning, and virtual workshops to provide a blended learning model that can be delivered at scale within the workplace.

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Why do we use VR?

A recent study on the impact of VR and soft skills learning found that VR;

- People can learn faster, are more engaged, and are more focused when using VR 


- influenced behavioural change and allowed for better application of learning

- improved retention due to the immersive real-world environment

- content is available to learners and can be repeated on demand

- provides a physical and psychologically safe environment 

- is a cost-effective solution, particularly when deployed at scale

- facilitated learning can engage and reach dispersed and remote teams

- combing face-face, microlearning and VR provides a blended learning approach  

Source: PwC, 2020. Understanding the Effectiveness of VR Soft Skills Training in the Enterprise

VR learners 4x Faster

Than classroom learners

1.5x Faster

Than e-learners


More Confident

to act on what they had learned 

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3.75% More Emotionally Connected

to content than classroom learners

4x More Focused 

than e-learning peers

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Curious to explore VR and a Spatial experiance?

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