Our Approach to Learning & Development


Our personal approach is our hallmark. Our experience is our differentiator.

We are providing a new age of learning and development by delivering a cost-effective, immersive and efficient experience

By combining face-to-face, Virtual Reality, Microlearning and Virtual Workshops we provide a truly blended learning model

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Leaders  I  Managers  I  Colleagues  I  Teams

A combination of skilful facilitation, backed by learning theory, supported by expert storytelling and underpinned by neuroscience allows us to disrupt the traditional learning environment

We create experiences that have a significant and lasting impact

Your people will not spend time staring at a screen or a wall

We facilitate dynamic and engaging learning events

Work-based projects, self-directed learning, large impactful imagery

Digital tools and real-time interactive presentation software

An expert team of learning and talent specialists, each carefully selected to bring a broad range of experience and techniques which has undoubtedly contributed to our success


Microlearning - Fast, Flexible & Affordable

Designed with mobile in mind, we use Microlearning as it is more  engaging, less time-consuming and cheaper to produce than E-learning.

Cover and subject just in a bite-sized way.

Using our Microlearning technology combined with our digital design skills, we can create learning that gives a broad overview of a subject or create content for complex topics.



Key Benefits;

  • Hugely effective for the remote and mobile workforce

  • Content and information direct to the smartphone or tablet

  • Sessions are between 7 - 12 minutes in duration

  • Reduced cognitive load - enhanced knowledge retention

  • Can access any time and easy to navigate

  • Deploy quickly and at scale

  • TDP has an experienced digital design team that can work at pace


Key Features;

 - Includes Google's ML cloud-based translation tool for multiple language users

 - Peer & social function enables learners to engage in conversation with colleagues

 - Gamification - when learning doesn't feel like learning it becomes highly effective

 - Live analytics, allows learners to be 'nudged' and supported via push notifications

 - Bespoke content underpinned by learning theory, neuroscience and our expert input

 - Off-line mode to allow downloading and access to materials at all times


Whether you're trying to understand yourself better, want to build a more inclusive team or are looking for ways to help recruit the right people, we have a range of tools to meet your specific needs.


Personal Insight and Neuroscience

"You are your brain. If you want to understand why you feel the way you do, how you perceive the world, why you make mistakes, how you are able to be creative, why music and art are inspiring, indeed what it is to be human, then you need to understand the brain"

-Jeff Hawkins, Executive Director, Redwood Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience, University of California, Berkeley

The complexity of the brain has shown that we cannot be divided up into a fixed number of types, be given labels or fit into 'boxes'.

We know that all our experiences, thoughts actions and emotions constantly change the makeup of our brain and also our behaviour. This process is known as neuroplasticity.

We approach behaviour from the perspective of neuroscience and support you to understand why you may behave differently from one situation to another.

We help identify how you naturally prefer to behave, the extent to which you feel it necessary to modify that behaviour on occasions to achieve key objectives and the overall pattern of behaviour that you tend to use.

Our team of accredited practitioners are able to offer 1-1 insight, coaching sessions, team workshops and individually tailored sessions.


Key Benefits;

 - Enhanced self-awareness of your behaviours and ways of working
- Understand how to nurture your strengths and enhance your development areas
- Understand your preferred way of communicating
- Enhance inclusion and explore diversity within your team


Interested in a unique learning and development experience?

Call us on +44 (0) 1422 347560 or email info@tdp.consulting for a conversation.