JULY 2021

29th July, 2021

Successful Transformations

Apply these 5 elements to ensure the success of your transformation programme.

20th July, 2021

Meet the team - Lucy

Get to know the members of our team a little better.

22nd July, 2021

Benefits of VR for Learning

VR offers limitless opportunities, read on to find out more.

27th July, 2021

Team Article

TDP's Consulting Director Mick Walker, answers an age old question.

6th July, 2021

Supplier Appreciation 

We work with some really great people! 

Read on to find out more about RFA DESIGN.

13th July, 2021

Our Virtual Reality services

TDP have 3 key services within our VR offering. Facilitated Learning, Bespoke Simulation & 360° Immersive Videos.

15th July, 2021

TDP Went to SPACE!!!

Our weekly team meetings are held in Virtual Reality, and this week the team went to SPACE!🚀

TDP Colour Palette (1).png