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Karen Sprung


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I am a Chartered HR member of the CIPD and specialist in Talent Management.   

I work with TDP as a senior HR and Organisational Development Consultant, supporting business transformation and change programmes to improve the business performance of our clients.

During the last 15 years I have worked in the UK and globally in Europe and Asia helping organisations to re-evaluate their talent management practices, to ensure future sustainability and the ability to compete for talent by attracting, retaining and developing the ‘right’ people in their respective markets and geographical location.    

I work with leadership teams to support and advise on the changes required. 

Key areas:-  HR Strategy, Culture change, Workforce & Succession Planning, Talent Acquisition & Retention & Development, Performance management, D&I, Leadership competency assessment and Career coaching.

I am passionate about health and wellbeing, both on a personal and professional level and recently qualified as a WRAW (workplace resilience and wellbeing) practitioner.  WRAW is a psychometric tool that can measure resilience of individuals, teams and organisations and offers insights into the impact of wellbeing at work.

In my free time I am a volunteer ‘Enterprise Adviser’ with the CIPD supporting schools to develop and optimise their careers programmes and create meaningful work experience for young people.


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