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Learning & Development which leads to better performance


Our personal approach is our hallmark. Our experience is our differentiator.

Our approach provides your teams with the tools they need to succeed, creating a collaborative forum where they work together on real challenges, and ensure meaningful commitments to change.

Core to building a high-performing team is the concept of evolving how teams behave, act, or utilise systems and processes to unleash their ability to perform better together.  Our approach combines behaviour science with best practices in adult learning. 

We provide custom, learning programmes, co-creating a unique series of skill-building and professional development workshops, pre / post learning opportunities with action learning.

Microlearning - Fast, Flexible & Affordable

Designed with mobile in mind, we use Microlearning as it is more  engaging, less time-consuming and cheaper to produce than

Using our Microlearning technology combined with our digital design skills, we can create learning that gives a broad overview of a subject or create content for complex topics.



Key Benefits;

  • Hugely effective for the remote and mobile workforce

  • Content and information direct to the smartphone or tablet

  • Sessions are between 7 - 12 minutes in duratio

Key Features;
 - Google's ML cloud-based translation tool for multiple language users

 - Peer & social function enables learners to engage in conversation with colleagues

 - Gamification - when learning doesn't feel like learning it becomes highly effective

 - Live analytics, allows learners to be 'nudged' and supported via push notifications



Whether you're trying to understand yourself better, want to build a more inclusive team or are looking for ways to help recruit the right people, we have a range of tools to meet your specific needs.


Interested in a unique learning and development experience?

Call us on +44 (0) 1422 347560 or email for a conversation.


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