Ross Headshot (2).png
Ross Toomer
Chief Executive
I  specialise in strategy and transformation, am known to be good in a crisis, and have a passion for tech.  I lead this wonderful team of people at TDP. I ensure that we are empowered to drive innovation and promote an inclusive working environment which allows us to deliver our purpose, for both impact and growth.
Caroline Fox
Programme Manager
I am responsible for leading on internal change programmes and supporting client contract delivery, Portfolio, Programme and Project management.
Mick Headshot (1).png
Mick Walker
Consulting Director
I believe that by improving the way we communicate with others, and ourselves, we can improve the quality and effectiveness of our personal and professional lives. With the recent change in the way people are accessing learning I have a keen interest in how we can make microlearning accessible to all. 
Zoe Headshot .png
Zoe Fearnley
Head of Operations
I lead a team who provide a range of services, such as supplier contracting, programme management, programme co-ordination, and psychometric administration. 
Steve Headshot.png
Steve Oxley
Finance Director
I am responsible for all of TDP’s financial affairs.  I have over 25 years’ experience of the financial controls required for both small and medium sized businesses and these have brought strong direction to the business. 
Lucy Headshot (4).png
Lucy Todd
Digital Product Lead
My primary focus is innovation, and designing and developing digital products and services. I manage our Website and Social Media & Marketing presence and platforms. I also lead on our Extended Reality Projects.
Martin Headshot (1).png
Martin Rothero
I have over 20 years experience in delivering leadership development, transformation and cultural change programmes for a wide range of organisations within the public and local government sectors.
Sascha Headshot (2).png
Sascha Ashton - Barber
I have always taken a keen interest in making a difference to the employees and clients I work with. I am a highly organised individual, with excellent communication and people skills.
Bohan Headshot.png
Bohan Sun
VR 360° Videographer
I plan, film and create TDP's 360° content. Working closely with the Digital Product Lead, to develop storyboards for new and existing clients.
Sanjay Headshot.png
Sanjay Sridhar
VR 3D Designer
Working closely with the Digital Product Lead, I identify, create and render 3D models for our Virtual Reality learning products.