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The privatisation of Royal Mail and the signing of a ground-breaking ‘Industrial Relations Framework’ with the Communications Workers Union required a huge cultural shift across the whole of Royal Mail. 

The Challenge

Royal Mail needed a partner to lead the creation of a proposed cultural change programme, connecting all parts of the business to the achievement of their strategic business plan – ‘Agenda for Growth’. 

As the chosen partner, TDP needed to design and deliver, in collaboration with Royal Mail, a three-year cultural change programme.  The programme was for over 8,000 senior leaders, managers and trade union representatives across the entire Group.

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Our Approach

To create a lasting cultural change journey, we partnered with Royal Mail to design and implement interventions to build skills, knowledge, shift mindsets, develop leaders, and manage talent to ensure a successful and sustainable change in behaviours. 


Achieving sustained improvement in performance and organisational health required a move beyond structures, processes, and systems to address individual and collective behaviour including culture, mindsets, capabilities, team and group dynamics. 

Comprehensive Diagnostic – through a deep and robust diagnostic phase, TDP fully understood the evolution of the Royal Mail culture from a business and trade union perspective.  The range of diagnostic tools used enabled us to clearly identify reasons for historic and current attitudes as well as the behaviours prevalent within the organisation

Commercial Awareness – this programme represented a significant investment for Royal Mail.  All of our team understood the need to demonstrate ongoing return on investment and continuously ensure we were delivering the expected benefits 

Programme Communication –the programme was called ‘Together for Growth’ – a summary of the business vision.  The successful communications plan around this vision was a key factor in maintaining momentum for a large-scale programme over a number of years 

Cultural Change

New Behaviours – identified and helped drive new ways of thinking and behaving considered essential for success and ultimately business growth in a competitive market 

Team-wide Relationships – sessions focused on engagement, communication and relationship building skills - across peers, managers, trade union colleagues and the wider workforce

Final Analysis

‘Together for Growth’ is the most successful cultural change programme ever deployed in Royal Mail, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants and strong evidence of applied learning in the workplace.  

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